As a retired but young at heart 77 year old, my time was taken up with my grandchildren, my hobbies of extending and running my model railway layout, volunteering in the Carriage Works at the Severn Valley Railway and painting. The pandemic lockdown reduced my options to painting and playing with my trains. I thus decided to concentrate on my best paintings and from them create cards to communicate with family and friends during lockdown. Their response was enthusiastic and very complimentary, with most declaring that the cards were of a higher quality and much more interesting than those in their local card shops. My next step was to sell some to family, friends and acquaintances.

One couple even purchased one example of every card in the range! The result was much more successful than I expected; to the point that I took the plunge and created this website to reach a wider audience. This process will explain the choice of the website name. So far my lockdown has been very fruitful and satisfying. Hopefully you will enjoy the result and join the growing number of satisfied customers. If you like what you see, please pass on the link to my website to all your family and friends with my grateful thanks.

The images of the original paintings are hand made into greeting cards in A5 (half A4) size. The original paintings are photographed, edited and sized to fit onto a folded A4 sheet of 220gsm white card. The photographs are printed onto Advanced Glossy HP Photo Paper and then glued onto the card ensuring a stunningly individual and quality product. A description of the painting is printed on the rear of the card. In between painting and making more cards, I will be experimenting with printing the image directly onto the card in due course.

Ekkehard Schirrmacher (the painter and card maker) retains copyright over all the paintings and greeting cards shown on this site, unless others such as my grandchildren are invited to show their artistic talents.  In the latter case, the invitees retain copyright.